Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas gifts for that hard to buy person

You can not go wrong with Ooh La La, they have a large selection of very unique gifts, and they package them in a way that you will not want to open them. But trust me it is worth it to unwrap these gorgeous presents. Once you see what is inside the packaging is a second thought.

For that friend that lives miles away that you like to stay in touch with, you know the one that is worth more time and energy than just an email. You should really look into the Note To Self Holiday Gift, It has everything she would need to stay in touch with you. From envelopes, witting paper to even the quick note just to say Hi. In addition any college bound student would love this.

My other favorite would be the Well Nested Holiday gift. I hope that my husband is reading this, as I am putting this one on my Christmas list. Finding the time to relax in my house is hectic, being a mom of triplets, but when I do I could not imagine a better selection of items to help me in that long hot bath. Included in the gift are * Portfolio Storage Box with Gift Wrap as shown
* Birds & Nests Rubber Stamp Kit - includes 11 assorted bird and nest stamps with black ink pad
* Tuberose Perfumed Bath Pouch - reusable for bath or shower
* Tuberose Bath Fizz- 2 in box, suitable for bath or shower
* Dufflet Chocolate Crackle - 5.3 oz. box
* Sucre Cocktail Napkins-20
* Purse Notebook- Dress Shoes/ lined, elastic closure
* Tuberose Scent: Lasting floral, compelling, classic.

Seriously how could you go wrong with that.

Make sure you visit.

for all the wonderful gift options available!

Do not forget that they ship all across the United States and UK as well, each gift arrives with a hand written note and is sure to be loved by all.

Oh la la Cadeau

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not really shopping but what great recipies

I am always looking for something different to make, heck with four year old triplets I am just looking for something easy to make. You will not believe this website I have found. It has a wide selection of recipes for every taste you can imagine. They are well written, organized and easy to search from.

I already have two weeks’ worth of new meals to try, lets just hope all my picky eaters will be up to all of the new foods they will be trying soon. I also can not wait to try the new dip's for Thanksgiving and even a few deserts. Seriously You cannot go wrong with

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great new bedding site

Well at least it is new to me. I have been searching for some time for the perfect bedding for my new bed. Today I came across this site and am very impressed with their wide selection of products.

check it out
Designer Linens outlet

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to Shopping with Belle

I have decided to turn my love of shopping into a blog. As most of you know there is nothing more fun to me than shopping. Maybe that is why when I worked I was a retail buyer. Who knows. Anyway I hope to provide all of you with tips, and great deals along the way. So make sure you check back often to find out what great deals I have found a long the way.